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Bill McDonald
Loan Originator
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5 questions to ask before combining finances (or not)
Though your financial chemistry may not be what's lighting you up right now, one of the most important things you can do as a new couple is to get to know each other money-wise.

Now even high earners can't afford college
Read full story for latest details.

I want to start a family but I still have massive student loans
It's tough for students to plan for the future while wrestling with student loan debt. But with careful strategy, it's not impossible.

How not to get ripped off at the doctor's office
Nobody likes a surprise medical bill. Here's what you can do to make sure you don't get overcharged the next time you're sick.

3 things you need to know about your credit score
You know you have a credit score. But do you know why the number is what it is? How it is calculated? Or how to change it?

Working from home is really having a moment
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How much investing risk should you take in retirement?
Once we retire the goal for most of us is to ensure that the savings we've accumulated will be able to provide us with income throughout a retirement that can last 30 or more years.

Here's a new reason to work fewer hours
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Big Oil wants to tax itself and give cash to Americans
Big Oil is proposing a revolutionary new tax to combat climate change that would pay money directly to American families.

Americans are saving (a little) more
More people have six months of expenses in savings, and fewer have nothing saved for emergencies, according to a new study from Bankrate.

Beware deferred interest credit cards -- they're not 0% interest
'No interest now' and '0% interest' both sound like great deals. But the offers aren't the same, and one can cost you considerably more.

39 million households are paying more for housing than they can afford
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Where did a chunk of my paycheck go?
The salary you agreed to isn't the same amount that's flowing into your bank account on the regular. Do you know what's happening to the rest of your money?

Where should I stash my down payment savings?
If buying a house is on your short-term to-do list, experts say keep your down payment funds liquid. Looking to buy further down the road? You have some more options.

Are these budget busters derailing your spending plan?
Budgeting isn't enough. Here's how to prepare for unexpected and occasional expenses.

A good way to boost retirement income
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Are public pensions a thing of the past for young workers?
Pennsylvania just became the ninth state to end traditional pension plans for new workers.

How to find (and snag) a hidden job
You don't find a hidden job by asking for one. You discover them by digging around and understanding the hidden needs and challenges of organizations.

She's on a mission to make America's colleges 'hunger free'
Through her organization, Swipe Out Hunger, this 25-year-old is changing the way expensive college meal plans work.

Thinking of buying a house? Here's where to start
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Office:  (866) 435-6553
Fax:  (866) 435-6552
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